2003, the year that was

An ongoing account of our activities during last year

(most recent month first)


Christmas in Val Caron
We went to Val Carron to spend Christmas with Gail,her family, and all the Spencers.

More picture on the Family Page.


The family at Thanksgiving

We also attended the wedding of June's nephew , Jason Mongomery but I don't have any good pictures available yet. Here is the bride with her father.


We went England for the wedding of June's niece, Sarah Montgomery to Peter Morgan

The bride and groom with Sarah's mother

The family of the bride: Andrew, Lisa, David, Peter, Sarah, Christne, James and Caroline


We went for a short time camping on Manitoulin Island with Gail and the Spencers

Here is the gang around the fire and Bob Spencer showing his skill at the barbeque

We attended the 90th birthday party for my Dad's Cousin Eleanor

Jim,Tammy, and Shannon congratulate Eleanor who is with her son ,John

May and June

We spent most of these months building the addition on the back of the house



Both my brothers, Jim and Bob with their wives came to spend Easter with us.


We spend a week in Sudbury

We went to Sudbury for a week to stay with the grandchildren so Gail and Clem could have a holiday in Cuba. The first of the week we had record cold for March (-24) ,having just returned from Spain, we noticed it.

Robbie was playing in a Hockey Tournament so we spent the first weekend driving him back and forth to the neighbouring town for his games. It was great to see his team come first.

The girls both have active social lives. Caitlyn was with Joe and Brianne with Jake most of the time, but Kristen, Erin and others were also around, none of whom drive yet, so transport was the main problem.


We visit Spain

A trip to Spain. This was a great experience because we rented a small house in the mountian village of Casares. The mountains are the last of the unspoiled parts of southern Spain, the sea coast being totally built up with resorts,apartments and condominiums. The house was one room wide, built on the side of the mountain but it went up four stories and was topped with a roof top terrace which allowed one a view over the hills as far as Gibralter if the day was clear(picture on right). You can see the house descibed at "www.andaluciarentals.com". The food was amazing, and cheap. The local stores had very fresh vegetables and meat. Bread was baked locally daily. Beer and wine were available at less than a dollar a litre. In the local restaurant I tried kid chops and wild hare stew. We visited the place where local goat cheese was made.

June painting at our bedroom window

the view out our bedroom window
The picture of the left shows a typical street in Casares.
The pictures below are from our day in Gibraltar and our visit to an olive oil museum in another mountain town
We went to Granada and were impressed by the Alhambra with its fine stone carvings (picture on right) and by the old moorish souk (picture below)


A quiet month. Lots of snow and cold weather.