An ongoing account of our activities during this year

(most recent month first)


The week before Christmas Gail and her family came down. Norm arranged tickets to a Raptors' Basketball Game on the Sunday, and June arranged tickets to the National Ballet's Nutcracker both in Toronto. We were too busy to take any pictures.

We have a family of Cardinals in our pine tree. You don't see them much but here is a picture of one on the ground under the bird feeder


What happened? We were very busy with one thing and another but I didn't get any notes made for this page. Must be getting old.


Thanksgiving is always a major Hibbert family gathering.

This year in addition to all the available Hibberts we had the Marlett Cousins. Chet, from Calgary, Alan, with his wife Juanita from West Virginia, and Donna from Brantford.



We drive across the country

During August we drove from St. George to British Columbia and ventured into all areas of the country putting 10,765 Km on the car.

We met Dave and Jody in Banff, travelled with them to Jasper and over the Rockies to Lillooet, down to Whistler and then to Vancouver.

The pistures to the right are Dave and Jody on top of Whistler Mountain in Jasper and June at some other Falls

The pictures below are of Dave and Jody and Athabaska Falls.

We then went to Calgary to see David Stauft, one of Joe's oldest friends,
then, by way of Drumheller and Saskatoon, to Strasburg, Saskatchewan to attend the 80th birthday of Joe's cousin Kay. This picture shows Kay on the right,June on the left with Kay's daughter and daughter-in-law in the kitchen
Then on home, stopping along a the way at several points. Here is June getting to see the petroglyphs in Lake Superior Provincial park.


Camping with Gail, Robbie, Norm, Tina and Mia at Fairbanks Park

We also attended Shirley Montgomery's 70th birthday party.


June's sister, Mardy and her daughter Charlotte come for a visit

June and Mardy at Stratford


A quiet month, spring clean-up, working in the garden, and cleaning out the barn


Wow a big month. Lots of family here for Easter, a suprise 70th birthday party for Joe,a third birthday party for Mia, and Dave Home

We have no pictures of Joe's party because he was not into taking pictures that day

Here are some pictures from Mia's birthday

Some shots when Dave and Jodie were here


A quiet month with lots of snow and cold weather. We thought when we came back for the Carribean we would find the winter almost over but mother nature fooled us


For our winter quick escape from a very cold and snowy February, we took a one week cruise in the Carribean .We sailed on the Sunbird out of La Romana in the Domincan Republic and visited Antiga,St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and finally Catalina Island before returning to La Romana.

Here we are on Catalina Island, which was empty before the ship dumped 1300 passengers there for the day.


We are enjoying the new room we built at the back of the house last year.
This is view through the window