An ongoing account of our activities during this year

(most recent month first)


We went to Val Caron to spend Christmas with Gail and the Spencers. Norm, Tina and Mia joined us on Boxing day.


Not much to report this month. I had my second cataract removed and so don't wear glasses any more.


As usual, the Hibbert family gathered for Thanksgiving.

Only the B.C. crowd, Dave, Kendra, Brit and their families, were missinging


June's brother David and his wife Christine arrived for a tour of Nova Scotia. we flew to Halifax, rented a car and explored the Peggy's Cove-Lunenburg area before driving to Cape Breton Island where we had rented a cottage for two weeks.

From the cottage we drove the Cabot Trail where we saw a moose and whales( both from a distance). We also visited The Bell Museum in Badeck and the Louisburg Fortress. Back to the Bay of Fundy to watch the tidal bore and then on to Halifax before flying home.


We were in England for the first 2 weeks. First we attended the wedding of June's nephew Andrew in Sandwich (Pictures on the family page),then we visited with June's sister in Bury St. Edmonds,
then up to York to visit Masud, an old friend of June's,
then to Northhampton to see an old school chum of Joe's. Finally,we stopped to visit the family graves in Peasemore before staying with June's brother David. Then we were off for a two week cruise of the Baltic.


We sailed from Harwich in England aboard the Jewel of the Seas. Our dinner table was a fine international group: Brian and Josie Harris from New Zealand, Rus and Willa Dean Wyckoff from USA, Ian and Brenda Smith from Scotland, and ourselves.

Here are few random shots of our trip.

We stopped in Oslo , Norway. Here is a picture of an old wooden church

Next it was Copenhagen where we took a boat trip through the canals

In St.Petersburg, Russia we saw a folk group perform.

Below are pictures of The Church on the Spilled Blood and one of the rooms in The Summer Palace


Norm's 40th birthday was this month and we had two celebrations. The first camping with the family at Fairbanks Provincial Park. Despite 2 heavy thunderstorms and an attempt by a racoon to get into Caitlyn's tent we had a great time

The second was a dinner in Toronto with friends.
Here Mia helps her Dad blow out the candles


I was very busy this month but don't have pictures. A flying visit from son David at the first of the month, a number of Lodge and Shrine activities, and the 49th Annual Meeting of my investment club seem to have eaten up all the time


We seem to be attracting more species of birds this year. Here is a Rose Breasted Grosbeak on our feeder.

Joe had a cataract removed from his left eye early this month so he can see a lot clearer now!

June's 3rd cousin Anthony Vosper and his wife Felicity visited from England. Here they are with June's brother Ernest, his wife Shirley,their dog Kirby and June.


We complained about the weather in March but this picture was taken from our bedroom window on April 3

Let spring Come!


March came in like a lion with 10 cm of snow

Gail, Brianne, Caitlyn, Nrom, Tina and Mia were all down for Easter.
Gail brought Mia a rythmic gymnastics ribbon which everyone played with


"Let's get out of the cold for a week" we said and we were off to Cuba. Three days in Havana, one travelling and 3 days on the very tip of Valedero.
In Havana we stayed in the Hotel National, the hotel used by famous people in the 20's, 30's , and 40's.

Due to overbooking, we were bumped to a hotel which had just been opened the 3 days before we arrived so everything was new. Here are shots of the beach at Valedero and Lobby of the hotel.


We have a family of Cardinals in our pine tree. You don't see them much but here is a picture of one on the snow under the bird feeder

Mai came down to spend a weekend with us. Here she is making snow angels.