Tools come in a variety of sizes and weights. I had a prof who created the hammer theory: Give a child a hammer and suddenly there are a lot of things that need hammering. Most of the tools I find on the internet are little ones that do a job that is a pain to do without them.

 Stickies. If your monitor is covered in yellow sticky notes, you might have the same problems I do. How do you keep track of various information from the internet or the phone and have it available on your computer. So here is a digital solution.
The program works just like you would expect a sticky note application to work. The notes can be completely customized with different colors, fonts, and even transparency. The notes will stay in place until you close them, which entails that even if you reboot, they'll still be there. They can also be figuratively put to sleep, and can then be set to appear at a specified time period.  Free! Keep your eyes open when you do your download. There are commercial versions too.

PDF Files
If you need to share a document with someone and you want sorta the ultimate compatibility, then you need to print a PDF file.  When a file is saved in PDF, it can be read or viewed by any computer, whether it's a Macintosh or a PC. You can view PDF files using a free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you see the file on screen, it will look exactly the same as it did in the original file.
The Portable Document Format (PDF) was created by Adobe and Adobe will sell you some very expensive software to create PDFs. But, if you try PrimoPDF's free download, then the PDF option appears as a new printer in your print menu. Just choose that printer and you're away. Why is it free? They give you the free one and if you need extra capabilities then they want to sell you their better product. Take the freebie and run!

Pure Text
I often have material that I copy from a word processed or desktop published document and then paste into my web editor. But I don't want to copy the font or the underlining or the italics or any of the other formatting. I want to be able to format it in the web editor. I used to remove the formatting by copying the original text, pasting it into Notepad to remove the formatting, copying the text again in Notepad and then pasting it into the web editor. But there's an easier way.

Pure Text does the job. Copy the text to the clipboard, click on the Pure Text icon in the system tray and all formatting is removed! Then just paste into the target document. My rating? 10 out of 10!