These are the links to sites where you can learn more about the show/star/genre. For downloads of shows, look on the program pages. So...if you want to know where to download The Avengers ... go to The Avengers page.

Pulp Fiction

A typical pulp coverPulps - named for the cheap grade of pulp wood paper used in their printing. These were the comic books, the detective stories of the late twenties, of the Depression in the 30s and of WWII. Fascinating little books with lurid covers that you would sneak peaks at in the corner store or local drugstore magazine rack and then sneak home to read by flashlight late at night.

  • MP3 This is one of the few places on the web where you can still find copies of The Shadow pulp novels. They are unillustrated but still a lot of fun. You'll also find Doc Savage and The Avengers, Tarzan and many of the other bases for Old Time Radio.
    All the books are in Microsoft Reader format, so be sure to scurry on over to Microsoft to get their free reader. Like a lot of Microsoft free stuff, there's a bit of pain involved - you have to download, install, register - but there's no aftershock - no cost, no ads etc.
  • The Pulp Zone. Here's an open door to many of your pulp heroes online: The Shadow, Captain Future, The Spider and Doc Savage. There are scans of book and magazine covers and a lot of related information.
  • The Pulp Net. As it says...Your online guide to pulp magazines. A terrific source for the old pulps. You can even find information and links to The Shadow. (Conde Nast, copyright owner of The Shadow has shut down most Shadow sites claiming they have a movie deal in the works.)

Radio Shows

  • The Abbott and Costello Show. This is the official site hosted by the families of Bud and Lou. There is a lot of information here and lots of downloads. There is one show a month to download along with wallpaper, routines, scripts and pictures.
  • Lou and Bud - the unofficial site with a fair number of routines to download. Lots of information but you have to wade through the owner's personal history to find some of it.
  • The Al Jolson Society. Everything you wanted to know about the Mammy singer. I much prefer Mike's Jolson Site.
  • Mike's Jolson Site. Mike updates his site every week with new Jolson recordings to download, a new Jolson show (either Kraft Music Hall or Shell Chateau), a new Jolson guest star and lots of illustrations and information. Highly recommended. If you are a Bing Crosby fan, take a look at Al's Crosby Corner for a new Bing download every week.
  • The Avengers. These are the folks who are reconstructing, and conserving the John Steed - Emma Peel Avengers from Springbok Radio in South Africa. Several of the serials are available for download including CD covers, sound bites and various news articles.
  • The Bob Hope Official Website. Love Bob Hope? Come to this site. No downloads though but lots of information about Bob.
  • The International Jack Benny Fan Club. No downloads but lots of info about Jack and the gang.
  • The Jack Benny Archives. You don't have enough CDs. There are literally hundreds of mp3 episodes of Jack here to download. Be kind though and don't overdo it at any given time. Share the bandwidth!
  • The Goon Show. An enthusiast's site and very well done. Usually four new downloads every month too!
  • Lum and Abner. A good place to visit Pine Ridge and those well known residents, Lum and Abner. A good place to start your collection as well with about twenty shows.
  • The National Lum and Abner Society. As it says, the National Society. Good history - lots of illustrations and backgrounds. Great for the enthusiast.
  • Quiet Please. Good spooky fun and a terrific site with a good discussion of the program, the episodes and the background. Lots of downloads.
  • Radio Mystery Theater. CBS produced Radio Mystery Theater over many many years. Don't be fooled and think they were all mysteries - many were thrillers (or even what today we would call horror stories). There is a lot of information about the series but no downloads.
  • Vic and Sade. Middle class life in the 30s. Lots of information and usually an episode to hear.
  • Tarzan. Really, this is a site for all of Edgar Rice Burrough's creations. Many many illustrations and background information. No downloads.
  • The Blue Beetle. Ah, a site that looks like a pulp. Here is the story of the Blue Beetle - in pulps and on the radio. A complete list of episodes and plenty of scans of period Blue Beetle images.
  • The Mercury Theater. A site devoted to Orson Welles Mercury Theatre and later the Campbell Theater. Many many downloads of the programs in very good quality. Some are Real Audio, some are mp3, some are both. Be kind - the bandwidth is limited and downloads are slow - don't take too much at once.
  • Dr. Who. The site for fan-produced audio adventures. I remember watching Dr. Who on BBC programs rebroadcast in Canada and being fascinated by this Time Lord. Here are radio recreations of some of the old stories and new ones too.
  • The Shadow - Master of Darkness. An enthusiast's site with little real info since Conde Nast shut most Shadow sites down.

Links of Links

One of the most valuable possessions you can have is a list of links like this page. There are many on the internet and these are my favourites when it comes to Old Time Radio.

  • EY's Audio Links. One of the references that everybody references.
  • OTR Share'nTrade. Enthusiasts looking to trade what they've got for what they need/want.
  • OTR Share'nTrade. Download Sites. A list of sites where you can go and find sites that MIGHT have downloads.
  • Radio Juke Box. Dean Bagley has his own site but this is sort of a front cover with many links to other sites.


Some sites are really about listening. They don't want you to download although I'm not sure why. (But there are ways...try the media recorder referenced on the software page.) But here are my favourites:

  • K-Surf 1260 AM Radio Dramas. Two new radio dramas a week to listen to and enjoy.
  • WAMU -The Big Broadcast. Four hours of old time radio every week. Although it's broadcast on Sunday, you can catch "last week's program" any time.
  • Rat Patrol Radio. Music and authentic WWII radio excerpts on the Web.
  • Olde Time Radio. I hate the design. I hate the background noise. I love the collection of streaming programs.
  • Web Ranger. Lots of programs to hear. Regular updates.
  • Real OTR. Replacing Cyber 49er, Real OTR has thousands of programs on streaming audio. You do have to register - for a whole dollar using PayPay or by SASE. Well worth it!
  • BBC 7. Click on the Listen Again button on the right side. Terrific BBC programming - old and new.
  • Public Radio Fan. Real, modern radio - but some neat old stuff too.
  • Radio Spirits/Boston Pete. They really want to sell you stuff, but there are a lot of programs you can listen too for free (except for the occasional commercial).


Okay, so you've decided to bite the bullet and buy some OTR. Maybe its because you want more, more, more. Or, maybe like me, you are on a dialup connection - damn slow. A 6Mb mp3 file takes half-an-hour to download. I know because when I started with OTR I set up my computer to start downloading at about midnight and just let it go for about 6 or 7 hours to get about 100Mb a night. And this way the phone is being used at a time when my kids don't "need" it.

First, take a good look at ebay. When I got started, I bought several, okay, a lot of CDs of mp3s for about a dollar each! Now you can get DVDs loads with mp3 files for three or four dollars! What a bargain and what a way to start your collection.

If you have a high speed connection, take a look at these commercial sites. They are all a good buy and run by honest folks.

  • R U Sitting Comfortably (RUSC). Good folks. Inexpensive by the month and no limit per month although you are asked to be reasonable. About 7000 programs online.
  • Digital Deli. If you aren't too computer wise you may need someone to help you with FTP. You pay about $7 or $8 per gigabyte - that's 100 to 200 downloads depending on size. Do it anytime you like. And, they have an amazing collection of both American, Canadian, BBC, Australian and South African programs.
  • Fear You Can Hear. Not really a download site but for about $5 you purchase a membership to assist this blind-oriented site to add resources. Good selection of programs and lots of episodes to hear or download.





















To the best of my knowledge the shows contained on the CDs as well as the shows offered for free download are in the public domain. If anyone has any written proof that any of these programs are under current copyright protection, and not in the public domain, please notify Golden Age of Radio, and the shows will be removed immediately. Golden Age of Radio will not knowingly sell copyrighted material.