Welcome to the Golden Age of Radio!

Before television there was RADIO! Radio - the sounds and stories that stimulated the imagination. Like books radio requires the use of your mind to interpret the descriptions. Like books, radio explored many different visions - comedy, music, drama, horror, crime, war, sports and news.

All this was created in a simple radio studio - often with one microphone, several actors and some special effects people supplying the sound effects. From these modest surroundings came...

Superman - The Green Hornet - George Burns and Gracy Allen - Bob Hope - The Lone Ranger - Ozzie and Harriet - Nero Wolfe - Dragnet - Chicken Man...

Everyone today watches TV but before TV everyone listened to the radio. There were regular programs broadcast at the same time every day. There were ongoing serials and soap operas. There were musical variety shows making the stars into stars. There were successes and flops.

Today we can relive the radio of yesterday on our computers, through the internet and on portable MP3 players. Join us now!

To the best of my knowledge the shows contained on the CDs as well as the shows offered for free download are in the public domain. If anyone has any written proof that any of these programs are under current copyright protection, and not in the public domain, please notify Golden Age of Radio, and the shows will be removed immediately. Golden Age of Radio will not knowingly sell copyrighted material.