The links you'll find here are for software that makes the job of collecting radio programs easier. There are various mp3 players and file renamers and cataloguing programs and so on.

Many of these free programs are "donation ware". If you like them, donate a few bucks to supporting their development and release.

First, let's look at Jim Willsher's Bulk Rename Utility. It lets you rename files and folders (directories) based on different criteria - remove parts of the name, replace names, add date stamps, auto-number and so on. Really nice and free! Register and he'll email you when an update is available.

CD Check. I generally burn my mp3s to CD ASAP. I really don't want a hard drive failure to destroy my collected files. But is there anything worse than a hard drive failure? Sure is. If the burned CDs are no good then the files are lost and the really hard part is you now don't have ANY copies. CD Check is a free-for-personal-use program that will read each and every file on your CD and check the CRC value. If it finds any errors I immediately reburn the disk. Easy to use - periodically confirms I am using it for personal use only.

Koolguy's List Maker. There are several of this type of program out there. This one is really simple. It reads a CD and makes a text file list of all the files it finds. It can be configured to look for only certain types of files (mp3s?), determine the recording speed, the size, and so on but I find that it is best just producing a simple list so I can easily check my collection. My only druthers include: I'd like it to put the CD label at the top of the file and I'd like it to automatically name the output using the CD label.



MP3 Programs for your computer

To the best of my knowledge the shows contained on the CDs as well as the shows offered for free download are in the public domain. If anyone has any written proof that any of these programs are under current copyright protection, and not in the public domain, please notify Golden Age of Radio, and the shows will be removed immediately. Golden Age of Radio will not knowingly sell copyrighted material.