Now don't start thinking horror because although Thrillers include Horror, it also includes a lot of Adventure programs. Programs that really aren't detective or crime programs. And they don't fit under the Drama label.

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  • Adventures by Morse

  • The Black Museum

  • Bold Venture

  • Box 13

  • The Clock

  • The Chase

  • Dangerous Assignment

  • Dark Fantasy

  • Escape

  • Hall of Fantasy

  • The Hermit's Cave

  • House of Mystery

  • I Love Adventure

  • Lights Out

  • A Man Called X

  • Mysterious Traveller

  • Nightfall

  • The Price of Fear

  • Quiet Please

  • Rocky Fortune

  • Rocky Jordan

  • Sealed Book

  • Sleep No More

  • Suspense

  • The Third Man

  • Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

  • Weird Circle

  • The Whistler

  • Witch's Tale

  • The World Adventurers' Club



To the best of my knowledge the shows contained on the CDs as well as the shows offered for free download are in the public domain. If anyone has any written proof that any of these programs are under current copyright protection, and not in the public domain, please notify Golden Age of Radio, and the shows will be removed immediately. Golden Age of Radio will not knowingly sell copyrighted material.