Nazi Eyes on Canada
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Mackenzie KingCBC Radio produced this five or six series of radio plays in 1942 as propaganada - what would happen if the Nazis conquered Canada? The plays were full cast productions featuring well known actors including Orson Welles, Vincent Price, Helen Hayes, Quentin Reynolds, and Lorne Greene.

The Premier Show featured Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King speaking on the first three years of World War II and the threat to the "freedom of mankind" and Hitler's desire to conquer the world. King speaks to the differences between the cause of the war and the real issues in the war. The cause is the lust for conquest; the real issue is "rule by a tyrant - himself the incarnation of evil".

"For Germany to win this war would not mean merely a redrawing of boundaries or a shift in sovereignty it would mean the destruction of the free spirit of man."

The six-minute introduction was followed by Helen Hayes introducing a story of two Canadas - Canada in 1942 and the Canada of a North American Nazi Empire. "Nothing is permanent and everything is possible!" And here is the story of one family - now and under Nazi rule. "I am Adele Welch - a German subject. I have been one since Canada and the United States were finally enslaved by the Nazis two years ago. Before that I was a Canadian." The only remaining freedom is the right to die!

Broadcast History

The episode log is:

Click here to listen1942-09-20
Premiere Show
Time 35:54

Flame In The House

Maritimes Under The Nazis

Holly Metcalf & Bob Haxwell

1942-10-25 Alameda