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I'm absolutely crazy about collecting classic videogames. These are the current systems I own. Also make sure to check out the world's first Supervision page, dedicated to this portable hand-held..

Atari 2600/7800
The most popular video game system before the Nintendo came along. I have several variations. The original wood-grain finish 2600, the second model without the wood (and only 4 switches), the Sears Tele-Games version, the Gemini made by Coleco, the 2600 JR. (two different labels) and of course the 7800. I have about 210 unique games, and am always looking for more.
Games for sale/trade.
Games I own coming soon!

I have the original with the IntelliVoice and the smaller Intellivision II. I also have the black INTV variant (it says Intellivision Pro System), but it's just the same as the original system.
Games for sale/trade.
Games I own coming soon!

Odyssey 2
This 1978 Magnavox creation was quite interesting. One of the games, K.C. Munchkin was actually taken off the market because it was too close to PacMan! I have only a dozen or so games for this system.
Games I own coming soon!

A great system! I have the full Adam, Colecovision, and the 2600 emulator for Colecovision. I need the Adam module for Colecovision.
Games for sale/trade
Games I own coming soon!

Sega Master System
A lot of people forget this machine even existed, but it had some good games. I now also have the SMS-2 unit, which included a built-in Alex Kidd game. The hardware was comparable to an 8-bit Nintendo. I'm looking for any games as I only have a few.
Games I own coming soon!

Leisure Vision
Wow this one is RARE. It's actually a remake of the Emerson Arcadia unit (which I really want). I have no games for this system! I need them!

Mattel Aquarius
Another rare system. It has a computer keyboard and many Intellivision games were ported over. I have Snafu, AD&D, and another game.

My favourite classic games unit. Small, portable, and functional! Star Castle is one of my all-time favorite games. I have several original carts, and I even have a second unit that's not functioning. I now have a list of games I own and list of games for trade for those looking for what's out there.

Pong style games
I'm looking for more of these babies. I would love the original Atari Pong. I have the Coleco Telstar (and I know Coleco did make a color version I wouldn't mind), Gameroom Tele-Pong by Entex, TV Sports 802 by Lloyd's, and Tele-Games 80007 by Sears.

Classic Videogames - The Next Generation

TurboGrafx 16
Although maybe not classic is some senses (it's really not that old), this was a very underrated system. I have about a dozen games, always looking for more. I would also love the portable Express unit.

Nintendo Entertainment System
Also known as the Famicon (short for Family Computer) in Japan. This unit single-handedly brought back videogaming to our lives! I have the original system with the light gun and about a dozen games. People still want too much money for these things! I also have a Japanese clone of the NES that is very similar to the original Famicon and even accepts the Japanese cartridges.

The SuperVision portable game system is very similar to the GameBoy. Please visit my special page for more information.

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