I just love to go to Rice Lake (near Peterborough) and go fishing for bass. I like catching Pickeral (Walleye), Bass, and Perch. I'm not much for river or shore fishing (I think I must just like the feel of being out on a boat) and have spent quite a bit of time fishing at Lake Erie near Nanticoke.

Okay, it's now more a profession than a hobby but I started out with computers as a hobby and I still love to do things that involve computers in any way shape or form. I like playing video games, designing web pages (like this) and programming.

Star Trek / Star Wars
I've collected Star Wars toys since I was a kid (48 original action figures in the cases!) and now I'm into Trek toys as well. I also collect plates, trading cards, and pogs.

Classic Video Games / Computers
As evidenced by my website, I'm right into collecting these things and I'm pretty obsessive about it. I have an entire room dedicated to classic video games and other space that is taken up by classic computers. It's so much fun to look at this old stuff (for me anyway!).

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