Favorite TV Shows

Star Trek: The Next Generation
By far my favorite Trek. Over 170 episodes of pure entertainment. Data, Picard, and Troi are the best characters in my opinion.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
I really like DS9 a lot. It's a 'darker' Trek as many people put it but I like the fact that these characters experience conflict with each other. Dax is my fav, with Odo and O'Brien coming in second. Too bad it's off the air now!

Star Trek: Voyager
It's taken me some time to grow on STV but I like it now a lot. The doctor cracks me up.

Star Trek: The Original Series
This is what got me hooked on Trek, although not until 1990! Some of the episodes are pretty bad but you know, they had to do something right, otherwise we wouldn't have the Trek that we have today!

The X-Files
I just started getting into this show and I like it!. It's great. I'm really glad that Chris Carter is not going explore the Scully/Mulder relationship--it will just ruin the show.

WKRP in Cincinnati
By far the best comedy series EVER created. I like all of the 90 episodes but my favourite is the "Drunk Episode" (it has a real name but it escapes me at the moment). Johnny is the best.

Dawson's Creek
Loved this show from the beginning. Katie Holmes is so sweet! For the most part, this show has been very well written.

Felicity gets into your heart and mind and just sticks. I wasn't sure I was going to like this show at first, but I'm liking it a plenty!.

I jumped on the Seinfeld bandwagon late. 1995 was the year for me but I've got almost all of them on tape. I love the way Jerry whines/screams.... it's just too funny.

The One with the Great show, great actors, great chemistry.

168 1/2 hour animated show that is very sexist (which is about the only thing I don't like about it). I never saw it that way when growing up, but I sure see it now. Wow.

The Young & The Restless
I know, I know...how can I like a soap opera and all of that other great stuff. I can't help it. It's an escape for me. I get to watch other people's problems for an hour a day and forget about my own. Besides, without commercials it's only 44 minutes. Sharon Case is my fav by far. Best looking actress in all daytime television!

The Bold & The Beautfiul
The sister show to Y&R. I started watching because of Sheila and I can't stop. I can do both Y&R and B&B in about an hour if I try. Hunter Tylo: stunning!

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